Loyalty Rewards Program

As you (hopefully) already know by now, having a doTERRA membership is the best way to get these amazing essential oils and products into your home at a wholesale price. But did you know there's actually a below wholesale option?! When you enroll with doTERRA, you have the option at any time to take advantage of the LRP, or, Loyalty Rewards Program, that allows you to earn free products PLUS a percentage back on your order EVERY MONTH in PV (Product Value) points to spend as cash!

Think of it like this: when you go to Target or Costco or wherever you like to shop and spend $100, you leave the store with $100 in awesome stuff and $100 less in your bank account. When you join the LRP and spend 100pv on doTERRA products, you get 100pv in awesome stuff PLUS up to 30% back (in this case, 30pv) to spend on future orders! I wish Target gave me a $30 gift card for every $100 I spent. Add this benefit to the fact that you already get your shipping dollars back as rewards points on every order and those extra points to spend on oily goodness stack up fast.

On top of this, LRP members can also qualify for a FREE product of the month, every single month. All you have to do is make sure your LRP order is at 125pv or more and processes by the 15th of the month and an absolutely free oil or product will just arrive in your box as a little gift. Every now and again doTERRA will offer special 200pv promotions as well-available only to those on LRP.

Ok, ok. So what's the catch?! There isn't one. All you have to do is commit to ordering something every month and your LRP template will stay active. A minimum of 50pv each month is required if you want to keep increasing the percentage you earn back over the course of a year (see chart below), but is certainly not required. Best of all, you can edit your LRP cart each month so you can try new things as well as make sure your favorites are well-stocked. You can cancel at any time (although we doubt you will because you will want to maintain your oil habit) and there are no hidden fees or obligations.


We know this can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're new to our team. Check out the video below for a brief overview.

The LRP allowed us to expand our collections in the beginning, and now we are able to share with more people (like you!) and bring these wonderful oils and products to others. It is truly a great way to save money, earn free stuff, and increase your knowledge of doTERRA products. Leave us a comment below or send us a message so we can help you get started with the Loyalty Rewards Program today!

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