Our community is what brings us together.


The most beautiful part of doTERRA, aside from their incredible essential oils are products, is the community that this lifestyle creates.  We come together to encourage each other to live our best lives, and to learn and share what has worked for us and our families.  Our on-going education and exclusive Facebook community, as well as leadership training for those that choose to build a businesss, make our team an amazing place to be.



Portraits by Nikki Matthews

Kelley Wimp
Co-Founder, It's Essential

Nikki Matthews
Co-Founder, It's Essential


Our Team

Patty Livingston
Executive Leader

Pam Thorson

Sandy Preston
Executive Leader

Brittany Sargent


Sheena Olson
Executive Leader

Michele Owens


Kimberly Evans


Open Positions

Team Leader

Team leaders encourage and empower their team and our collective team to use essential oils in their daily life, and share essential oils with those new to our community.



  • Passionate and Independent
  • Natural minded or the willingness to learn about a natural lifestyle
  • Enthusiastic and Approachable

Wellness Advocate

A wellness advocate uses essential oils and shares their natural lifestyle and love of the product with others.



  • Sharing - loves to tell others about what they are learning.
  • Loves the essential oils and natural products.
  • Wants to earn some additional money to get their oils paid for.


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